Wednesday, March 21, 2012

College-Ruled Universe

My crazy, talented friend, Leo Dasso is making a totally bad-ass game with its graphics drawn entirely with ballpoint pen on college-ruled paper. The game is a side-scrolling space-ship shooter that will be playable on Android systems, as well on PC and Mac. (Beta release date: July 2012) College-Ruled Universe has a Kickstarter page and it needs enough support to become real, so if you think it's a cool idea that needs to happen please help out!

Some delicious gifs as samples of what the game might look like:

For those who aren't familiar with how Kickstarter works, it's like this: You may pledge any amount of money to help back the project with a total goal of $6000. If this goal is achieved by April 7th, you get the rewards listed on the page (eg. the game, artbook, soundtrack, original artwork... etc.), the game becomes a reality, and love will continue to make the world go round. If the goal isn't reached, well, you get to keep your money but there will be no rewards, the world will be a less awesome place, and the game won't happen for a while. ):

Game soundtack: Doc Prop (Isn't the album cover just beautiful?)

Kickstarter page
Leo's blog
Playable demo on Newgrounds

Only 17 days left; spread the word!

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