Sunday, December 25, 2011

Last update of the year

Merry Christmas, everyone! Phew, this semester was a roller-coaster. My body literally refused to function for a week. (Me: Come on! Body: Nope.) So after many days of sleeping, eating really yummy food and catching up with friends, I decided that I should at least update my blog...

some rough character sketches

These are all for a story that I'm writing. I don't wanna give away too much, but it involves a girl with a birthmark, fishes and birds. :D

Definitely still trying to figure out the kind of look that I'm going for...

Book Arts completely knocked the wind out of me this semester. I wasn't expecting such a heavy class! However, I did have a lot of fun and Macy Chadwick is one of the sweetest and kindest teacher I've ever had. Here are some of the stuff I made for that class:

Everyone's gone home! D:


  1. Soooo excited XD I can't contain myself! Never stop realizing your own projects! I love to look at them....Don't let anyone tell you "oh you can't do that" because you can! Lets experiment and create lots of awesome things!

    -Karin and your love

  2. Those book arts look beautiful. Congrats on a semester well done.

  3. Karin and Mumu my love: Thank you so much for the encouragement! I saw that you guys just got your book printed - I wanna seeeeeee. <3

    Shirong: Hey thanks, you did an awesome job this semester as well. Let's hang out some after I get back!

  4. These are mind-blowing-ly beautiful! Really nice!

  5. yea the printing is nice but if you want to print with lulu be careful :) and wait for their promotions sometimes up to 40%

  6. Beautiful semester you had! Great stuff!

  7. Logan: Thank you! I never got to see your sketches in class but I went to your blog and they're great. O:

    Leann: Oh, I'll keep that in mind! :D

    Paulina: Gracias, Paulina mi amor! :3

  8. Wow Ciaee, great artwork!
    I haven't seen you and your artwork for a while and this is very impressive. You hard work get paid off. :)

    I just followed you so that I can see your updates easier. :)


  9. - very beautiful - might be a sweet touching story -

  10. OH WOW!! THESE ARE gorgeous! you have to show me these in person some time. so delicately put together.. O_O