Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An update! Could it really be?

I promised my friend Andrew that I'll update, so here are some stuff from my humble sketchbook.

Doodles from the past two months

I've always been afraid of sketching. I mean, blank white sheet + traditional media + crazy talented peers around you; it's terrifying! Rarely did I go to drawing workshops and when I did, I'd pretend I was sketching the model. I'd be writing or something... nobody's allowed to look. My circle of friends (mostly artists) knew me as the one who didn't sketch. That's fine, but I hate being afraid of anything. So I've been sketching. It's frustrating at times, but it's becoming less scary and I've found that it can be quite freeing.

A few better composed pages from the sketchbook

Been thinking of going into children's books lately. This could be my new direction from now. Class with Angela at the Academy's been really exciting! Here's what I did for my first assignment. (holiday mailer)

Valentine's Day Mailer

I took some pictures of my room to show to my parents, but I thought I'd post them here as well.

(random sketch, children's books!, my room, my wardrobe)

Sorry I haven't updated in so long! I've been feeling a little lost and all over the place for the past year. Haven't been too productive either. =\ But I've been trying to get myself motivated lately, so that'll probably change. I hope to post again soon!