Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring 2012

So... it's the end of yet another semester! After eliminating the ones that will probably hurt your eyes, only 6 miserable images remain.

An Ordinary Summer's Day 

Still working on getting over my fear of drawing from life...

I seem to only ever make decent drawings when Connie models.

More work on my personal project (animated-short-to-be):

Sailing with Fish Kites 

I feel like such a disappointment to everyone (and myself) this semester... *sigh*


  1. There's no way you'll ever be a disappointment, the only way you would disappoint would be if you quited, if you said you tried and couldn't do it this time then try it again and again, everytime you'll just get better and better the more you want to improve and the more decided you're into doing something spectacular it gets you even more closer to acomplish that goal, even you told me that the more you get into making something the more sure you get about what you want.

    I still remember when i met you and you showed me your works, they amazed me back then and even now they haven't ceased to amaze me, there's no day that i don't remember you as an inspiration to get the work done and start improving even more, because there's nothing worse than doing nothing.

    So that's that dear, i know you won't give up and the next time you'll impress us as you always do, if this time it was hard don't worry because you'll be more prepared for the next thing that show's up, so don't think you're bad at it or anything of the like, Because!, i only admire the best, and i admire you dear, so with that said... Get it going on and rock the world!

    Peace and seeya's!

  2. Can't wait to see the animation! And nice life drawings ;) Lovely post, Ciaee~

  3. this is wonderful Ciaee! you survived!

  4. Beautiful work! Do not worry, we all have our ups and downs! Keep it up, go get your ups!

  5. Wonderful work! Do you go to an art university?

  6. Thanks, everyone! <3

    Alayah: Yes, I go to the Academy of Art University.

  7. Your artwork always gets more and more splendid <3

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