Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Teaching and Learning.

Life has been very kind to me lately. Every time I feel like I'm in a rut, something comes along to motivate me. Or perhaps life's always been kind to me; it's just that I'm beginning to notice it more. I haven't got much to update really. Nothing's really changed, at least on the surface. Still studying at Schoolism and as mentioned in my last update, I'm teaching!

Teaching has really given me a whole new perspective on the learning process. A part of me now respects teachers a lot more, and another part of me now greatly disrespects teachers who do not take what they do seriously. In a way, you could say that I also feel a little sorry for them because it's totally their loss. Now I feel like I have this great responsibility for the learning experience of others bestowed upon me. I'm doing revisions of what I already know in order to be sure that I have all my facts right, and I want to be able to give unbiased constructive criticism as well as be encouraging, so that I don't mess up a person's first experience at something. I also feel like wanting to be a good role model for others and this is already making me work at being a better person.

One of my students asked me if I'm planning to teach as a job and charge people for it in the future. Probably not. Our small group is already taking up quite a huge chunk of my time and I don't want to start doing a half-assed job if it gets too much for me to handle. Also, doing it for money (even if just partially) might change things between me and the students. Right now, I actually feel like I'm almost gaining more out of this than my students, so it's been pretty amazing. A little stressful, but amazing.

Other than the whole teaching business, I've been thinking of the arrangement of elements and the design for my room in the new house! Mum's been doing some reading on Feng Shui and we're all banging our heads together trying to figure out something that works. ^^;

Recent Schoolism assignments:

Assignment 6: Painting hair using custom brushes. (A painting of a bald woman was provided by our instructor, Bobby.)

Painting process. (might take a while to load)

This is really my second go at this assignment. I closed the first one without saving it and didn't even realize what I've done until the next day. Gaahhhh. However, I decided to think of it as a chance to make the second one look better than the first and thankfully, I think it does! So... yay for accidents? :D

Assignment 7: Vector and layer styles. Hehe, doesn't he look ridiculous? XD

That's it for now!


  1. You made such a mundane assignment look so appealing. >_< I just did my lame attempt within an hour DX So it looks shonky. OMG no time.... T_____T

    I really really love the hair assignment.

    And I can't believe you're giving FREE drawing lessons.... Man, I wish we had teleport machines so I can teleport to your pad whenever you're holding lessons.

    Teaching is quite fun, I've done a workshop with a couple of teens and I've mentored a few people online with animation stuff - it's quite rewarding. (I got paid for it though. XD Not much, but something.)

  2. Love the hair, it looks so detail! and also in my fav hair color.Simply beautiful.Now i feel like dyeing my hair in the same tone.I'll be going to the pharmacy to look around soon :p


  3. Althea:
    Haha, all I did was change it a little. I was having a hard time motivating myself to finish that cactus, actually. Vector art is so not my thing. ><

    So you've taught before! This is really my first time ever and it's definitely rewarding like you said. And doing it free is giving me a lot of satisfaction. :D

    Thanks! [paranoia] Hair dye is bad for you btw. [/paranoia]

  4. Hi, I ran into your site through the schoolism blogs... and I must say, you've got exceptional painting skills! Keep up the great work!

    About teaching, I agree that its a great experience and can be very rewarding. I've taught a class of kids before, and though it can be frustrating now and then, it's all more than worth it once you start seeing results. :) Keep doin' your thing!

  5. Hey there, Dave. It's always nice to have a random visitor leave a nice comment on my blog. :D

    On teaching, it's really awesome to have students that take what you teach seriously and you're right about every frustration being worth it after seeing even just a minor improvement. So far, things have been guuuuud.

    I'm happy that you like my stuff and thank you for the support!