Friday, October 24, 2008

Skin tones

Skin tone study..... sort of. Used the technique learned during Week 2 in Digital Painting class at Schoolism. Wasn't aiming for anything realistic, but hopefully I got the skin tones and facial features resembling real life enough for someone to be able to tell their ethnicity. Still haven't thought of a title. Actually, let's just stick to Armless Midgets. It sounds kinda weird and that's perfect. Oh and I showed this to Roden, and he said that only the girl on the left looks cute and that the other two look old. DDDD: Niuuu...

click for full-view

Favorite parts of the painting: the Caucasian girl's hair, the East Asian girl's eyes, and the African girl's skin tone and lips. :D

Here's a gif I made in case anyone wants to see how the painting was made.

[Update on critique for Lesson 1: None! asdafdasfasdf.]


  1. Haluu fellow stalker! *aherm* I mean classmate. XD

    You went to The One Academy? Do you know Kidchan/Tat Kit Mun? She came to Sydney last August and I met her. I think she was a student there but now a teacher...?

  2. Hey! XD

    Kidchan! :3 I'm not very close to her but I do know her. (It's Beatrice Tan Kit Mun, but we call her Kidchan even in real life) She was my college mate until they discovered her incredible skills in anime-style paintings.

    Kidchan and another teacher of mine (KinSun) proposed to our principal to introduce a new subject. It got approved and she became a teacher of that subject before she even graduated. I can't remember the exact name of the subject but it was something like Conceptual Illustration in Anime.

    Kidchan's passionate, freaking talented, humble, helpful, silly... she's an awesome person.