Friday, October 31, 2008

Schoolism Week 4

This is going to be a real quick update as I've got lots of work to do.

I'm now in the 4th week of Bobby Chiu's 9-week course at Schoolism. That means we're almost halfway into the class already and I don't want it to end so quickly! I'm having a lot of fun. About a week ago, I sent a personal e-mail to Bobby telling him that I wished that there was some place where the members of our class could interact, give each other feedback on the assignments and stuff. Imagine how happy I was when he told me he'll create a blog for us and he did! Bobby's just awesome. You can visit our class blog here if you want: Schoolism: Digital Painting Class Blog

I've been talking to some of my classmates on MSN and things have been really exciting. Before the blog came into existence, we almost had no way to get to know one another. Met Troy, a real hyper-energetic 3D modeler from Australia (if you're reading this, hey there Old Frogapillar!), Herman, an awesome (and also real serious O.o) concept artist from Hong Kong, Ariel, a children's book illustrator from Taiwan, Althea, a 2D animator from Australia, and Mariann from Norway. The others aren't actively participating in the blog yet but I'm hoping that'd change. Man, I don't want this class to end. ><

Assignment 3: Painting Bobby's sketch digitally, using traditional textures. Troy calls this little monster Frogapillar. I call Troy Old Frogapillar.

Assignment 4: Using textures from photographs on a digital painting. Would love to include a Before/After image but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to put up class materials. Anyhow, Bobby's creature designs are made of pure win.

I'm working on a robot design right now; will update in a few days!


  1. I also sent a message to Bobby after he made the blog and suggested for them to make a schoolism/imaginism studios forum. That way we could somehow have weekly activities or monthly competitions. I don't know if you're much of a forum go'er but I am. XD
    Bobby said they're actually setting one up now but he's not sure when it'll be launched. I can't wait though! I'll probably be a regular! =)

  2. I actually suggested starting up a forum but he told me he'll create a blog instead. Which is better than nothing I guess. I'm usually a forum lurker but if it's a class forum I'll probably end up being one of those annoying forum spammers. :D Having activities, challenges and competitions will be really fun too!